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世界上最棘手竞走 – 39th Anniversary

The World’s Toughest Foot Race Celebrates 39th Anniversary of Iconic Route from Death Valley National Park to Mount Whitney

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Death Valley, CA: On July 18-20, AdventureCORPS presents its legendary STYR Labs BADWATER® 135. Now in its 39th year, the world-renowned event pits up to 100 of the world’s toughest athletes against one another and the elements. In scorching temperatures and at altitudes as high as 8,300 脚, 亚军, 铁人三项选手, 冒险的赛车手, and mountaineers from 21 countries and 27 American states will face off in a grueling 135-mile non-stop run from Death Valley to Mt. 惠特尼, CA. Widely recognized as “the world’s toughest foot race, “ it is the most demanding and extreme running race on the planet.

起跑线是在恶水, Death Valley, which marks the lowest elevation in North America at 280’ (85米) 海平面以下. The race finishes at Whitney Portal at 8,300’ (2530米). The course covers three mountain ranges for a total of 14,600’ (4450米) of cumulative vertical ascent and 6,100’ (1859米) 累计血统. 惠特尼门户是登山口的山. 惠特尼峰会, 在美国本土的最高点. Competitors travel through places with names like Mushroom Rock, 弗尼斯克里克, 盐河, 魔鬼玉米田, 魔鬼的高尔夫球场, 瘦腿井, Panamint Springs, 基勒, Alabama Hills, 和孤松.

一个真正的 “冠军的挑战,” 在 2016 STYR Labs Badwater 135 features 51 恶水和退伍军人 46 新秀: die hard “ultra-runners” of every speed and ability, as well as athletes who have the necessary running credentials, 但主要是众所周知的漏洞作为冒险的赛车手, 登山, 铁人三项选手, 或在其他极端追求. With one of the most international fields in race history, the athletes represent twenty-one countries by citizenship or residence: 澳大利亚, Barbados, 巴西, 加拿大, Cayman Islands, Chile, 捷克共和国, Denmark, Greece, Hungary, India, 意大利, 日本, 墨西哥, 摩洛哥, Philippines, Portugal, 西班牙, 瑞典, 联合王国, 和美利坚合众国 (同 27 different American states represented).

While runners began running the course in the 1970s, the race itself has been part of the fabric of life in Inyo County since 1987. A recent study indicated an annual economic impact of 1.2 million dollars, half of it spent in Death Valley National Park and surrounding gateway communities such as Lone Pine, CA. The race is supported by U.S. Congressman Col. Paul Cook (Ret.) of California’s 8th District, the Inyo County Board of Supervisors, the Lone Pine Chamber of Commerce, and a wide panorama of businesses and charities which are positively impacted.

有 25 妇女和 72 男人. The youngest male runner is 25 (rookie entrant Sam Weir of Australia) and the youngest female entrant is 29 (rookie entrant Kayla Delk of the USA). The oldest male is 69 (five-time finisher Mark K. Olson of California) and the oldest female is 60 (rookie entrant Pamela Chapman-Markle of Texas). The overall average age is 46. Full roster details are available here: HTTP://dbase.adventurecorps.com/roster.php?bw_eid=78&bw=Go

男子球场纪录保持者巴西Valmir努涅斯用的时间 22:51:29 设置 2007, 而女性的球场纪录 26:16:12 成立于 2010 由利特尔顿的杰米·唐纳森, CO. It is expected that the winners of the 2016 STYR Labs Badwater 135 will finish in near record time for both men’s and women’s divisions. 的平均完成时间是约 40 小时, 而整体的时间限制为 48 小时. 对于那些谁在不到48小时完成, their reward is the coveted Badwater 135 belt buckle. 有没有奖金.

该 2016 比赛场是特别有竞争力. 老牌竞争者包括 2015 men’s champion Pete Kostelnick of Nebraska, 2014 champion Harvey Lewis of Ohio, 2013 men’s champion Carlos Sa of Portugal, 2011 men’s champion Oswaldo Lopez of Madera, CA (墨西哥公民), two-time men’s runner-up Grant Maughan of Australia, and other notable contenders such as Marathon des Sables champion Mohamad Ahansal of Morocco, Grand Union Canal champion Dan Lawson of the UK, 2016 Badwater Cape Fear and 2016 Badwater Salton Sea champion Jared Fetterolf of Texas, among others. 也竞相是乌尔里希·马歇尔, 65, of Evergreen, CO, a twenty-time Badwater 135 finisher and four-time winner in 1991, 1992, 1993, 和 1996, along with David Jones, 64, of Murfreesboro, TN, 在 1997 恶水 135 race champion, seven-time finisher, 和 60+ age group record holder. For a full preview of the top men’s field, click HTTP://www.zwittyultra.com/remember-you-paid-to-be-in-this-race-daves-blog/2016-styr-labs-badwater-135-mens-preview

女装领域, 同 25 参赛者, 包括 12 新秀和 13 老兵. Notable contenders include the 2015 女子组冠军, Nikki Wynd of Australia, 2014 女子组冠军, Alyson Venti of Barbados, 恶水 135 veteran Brenda Guajardo who is a three-time winner of the Nove Colli ultramarathon in Italy, 2016 巴西 135+ women’s champion Sada Crawford of Cayman Islands, 和其他人. For a full preview of the top women’s field, click HTTP://www.zwittyultra.com/remember-you-paid-to-be-in-this-race-daves-blog/2016-styr-labs-badwater-135-womens-race-preview

Every year is a new year at the Badwater 135, 与新秀和 “先前未知” 令人惊讶的运动员与顶级表演竞争者. New stars will shine as the race unfolds.

The STYR Labs Badwater 135 is the final event in the Badwater® Ultra Cup, a three-race series which began with the 51-mile Badwater® Cape Fear in March, continued with the 81-mile Badwater® Salton Sea in May, and now concludes with the STYR Labs Badwater 135 七月. Those runners who complete all three events in the same calendar year are featured on the Badwater.com website and their virtues are extolled throughout the Internet and in future editions of BADWATER Magazine. 在 2014, seven remarkable athletes completed the entire Badwater Ultra Cup, nine completed the 2015 恶水超杯, while seventeen racers completed the first two Badwater races this year and will toe the line at the third and final Badwater race on July 18.

Now in its seventeenth year producing this race, AdventureCORPS is pleased to welcome our title sponsor, STYR Labs – an innovative nutrition customization and tracking platform delivering cutting-edge supplements to connected athletes and health and fitness consumers worldwide. The advanced ecosystem includes an activity tracker, wireless scale, and free app that collects health and fitness data to create personalized multivitamins or protein blends specific to the user’s health and fitness goals and needs. Sergio Radovcic, founder of STYR Labs, is no stranger to this race with three consecutive Badwater 135 finishes. More info at www.styr.com

AdventureCORPS also greatly appreciates the support of Farm to Feet Socks, Fisher Space Pen, Caring House Project Foundation, ZZYXXZ, Goal Zero, 2XU, and ZombieRunner.com, plus the local support of Furnace Creek Ranch, 瘦腿井度假村, 帕纳明特温泉度假村, Dow Villa, Pizza Factory, 孤松的社区, CA, the people of Inyo County, 等丰厚的公司和个人. 更多信息: www.badwater.com/about-us/sponsors/

Official Charities of the Badwater 135 include the Challenged Athletes Foundation. 由于它提供直接资助运动员身体残废的极少数慈善机构之一, 受到质疑的运动员基金会已经筹集了超过3000万美元,并直接协助挑战数千名运动员的世界各地. AdventureCORPS also supports the Bald Head Island Conservancy, Death Valley Natural History Association, Conservation Alliance, and One Percent For The Planet. One of the goals of the Badwater 135 is to raise funds for, 和意识, these organizations. 更多信息: www.badwater.com/about-us/charities/

今年, 以上 50 比赛进入者的竞争是代表他们选择的慈善机构的. Some of those include 100 Mile Club, Break the Stigma Project, Caring House Project Foundation, 挑战运动员基金会, Death Valley Natural History Association, Homes for our Troops, Hope So Bright, The Herren Project, 和其他人.

This year’s race celebrates the 39th anniversary of Al Arnold’s original trek from Badwater to Mt. 惠特尼在 1977. 阿诺德, 一个ultrarunning先驱和人类潜能大师, 竞争在一个单独的努力: it was just Arnold and his support crew against the elements and the clock. 官方头对麦芒的比赛开始后十年阿诺德的开拓者艰苦跋涉, 在 1987, and has been held annually without serious incident, fatality, or any citations issued by any branch of law enforcement. 有关铝阿诺德和详细信息也将原来的种族点击这些链接:

1977 阿尔·阿诺德: HTTP://www.badwater.com/blog/category/al-arnolds-insights/

1987 种族: HTTP://www.badwater.com/blog/1987-the-year-badwater-became-a-race/


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The Badwater 135 is held under permits from Death Valley 国家公园, 交通运输部加州, Inyo国家森林公园, 和县伊尼欧. Media attending the event may be required to obtain permits from some of those same agencies.


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